Chimney and Fireplace Repair Near Me

Your chimney must be in immaculate condition for your fireplace to work as well as it should. Otherwise, it will not heat the house properly, and you will run the risk of air contamination inside the building.

Our company provides the most professional, reliable, and high-quality chimney repair services in Chicago that cover the entire range of treatment procedures required for the proper functioning of the heating system in your house or business venue:

  • We will conduct a thorough inspection of your chimney to identify all existing flaws and their causes.
  • We will sweep and clean the chimney, optimize its smoke venting, execute the required tuck-pointing, and repair all the cracks, leaks, and displacements so that your chimney can function at its maximum capacity.
  • Depending on the results of our inspection and your preferences, we will conduct a total or partial chimney restoration or even rebuild it completely.

Most Common Causes of Chimney Problems

Typically, a chimney functions ineffectively as a result of:

  • Faulty or missing flashing and chimney caps
  • Lightning strikes
  • Overall deterioration due to the chimney's age
  • Damages and defects in the crown of the mortar

By restoring your chimney to its proper condition, you will:

  • Considerably enhance its functioning
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses for the general maintenance of the heating system
  • Significantly increase the purchase value of your private or commercial property
  • Save a lot of money on the utility bills
  • Improve the safety of your heating system and create a healthier environment for the tenants

Why We Are the Best Chimney Service in Chicago

  • Our team of experts has long experience in both stone and brick chimney repairs, so the material used for your chimney construction will not be an obstacle. Besides, you will even have a choice of materials in the case of its complete rebuilding.
  • All our workers are qualified professionals, and our company holds all the licenses required for providing chimney construction and repair services.
  • We provide chimney renovation and cleaning services of exceptionally high quality for the most competitive prices in the state. And we accept all major payment systems on the most flexible terms as well.
  • We are at your service 24 hours a day, 6 day of the week, sunday and holidays - closed.

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