Power Washing Brick and Stucco House, Garage, Siding

Power wash refers to using water jets to remove dirt, droppings, air pollutants, and algae from the exterior of a building. Depending on the types of dirt and building materials, one may use warm or cold water to do the job.

Cold power wash relies on sheer pressure to remove the particles, whereas warm water wash is softer, using various detergents to dissolve and remove the dirt. Deciding which method is more appropriate in each case requires some knowledge and experience; otherwise, you risk damaging the surface and leaving some areas half-clean.

For instance, pressure washing works better for hard and porous materials, like concrete, and it is a method of choice for removing loose paint from a surface before repainting it. On the other hand, warm wash is more suitable for removing biological materials, like birds droppings, and cleaning soft and delicate surfaces, like the bituminous shingles on the roof.

Regular power wash helps:

  • Keep your house clean and better-looking
  • Create a healthier environment for your family to live or your personnel to work in
  • Save on repainting and resealing the exterior
  • Reduce maintenance costs by preserving the concrete, brick, and stucco in good condition

Power Wash or Scrubbing

  • When scrubbing a wall, you rub minute hard particles against its surface, damaging the material and either increasing your maintenance costs or reducing the purchase value of the building in the end.
  • Moreover, scrubbing is inferior to power washing because the former will never help remove dirt from tiny crevices and pores, which you can only clean properly with cleaning detergents and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Besides, do you not, this way, torture yourself by building your muscles on a wall instead of merely spraying it from a water jet?

Power Wash Services or DIY

Power washing is not as simple as it might seem. You must know the right degree of pressure and use appropriate cleaning detergents, or else you may end up ruining your house, wasting a lot of time, or even injuring yourself accidentally in the process. And there is no need for DIY when there are excellent professional services to come and do the job for you.

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