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Stonemasonry is one of the most complex and delicate crafts ever invented in history. It involves numerous types of expertise, multiple skills, and a lot of knowledge about different kinds of building materials to ensure the top quality of construction and renovation work required for your private house or business venue.

312masonry, INC in Chicago is proud to employ all types of experts required for the most professional execution of any stonemasonry work:

  • Quarrymen to extract the necessary kinds of rocks from the ground.
  • Banker masons and sawyers to cut, mold and carve the rocks into the stones of various geometric shapes necessary for the construction design.
  • Fixer masons to attach the carved stones to your building.
  • Monumental masons and carvers, the finest artists of stonemasonry who carve and draw inscriptions and artistic designs and figures on the stone.

Our Services

Depending on your particular needs, various construction services may be necessary for the successful completion of your project. Our team of workers and engineers possess sufficient skills and experience to provide them all. When we arrive on-site to make a preliminary assessment of your building, we will help you decide which of them you want to apply for to ensure the best and most cost-effective results.

Stone Cladding

We can cover the outer surface of your building with a stone veneer to give it a more elegant and cozy appearance. A stone veneer refers to a thin layer of decorative material attached to the external parts of a building structure and bearing no load otherwise. An example is an imitation brick material used for decorating the facade of concrete construction.

Stone cladding helps reduce the total costs considerably. And, it may be an optimal solution for decorating the interior parts of your house as well, like the bathroom, kitchen, and even living room. You can discuss the types of veneer materials with your project manager to select the best ones for your preferences and budget.

Sidewalk and Pathways Stone Paving

Our stone pavers will also help you add an artistic touch to the driveways, patios, and pathways in your garden or inner court. We will use various decorative materials, from brick to marble, to create the most intricate and tasteful designs on the walls, steps, and sidewalks to give your building a stylish appearance for the best public image and your satisfaction.

Marble Repair and Stone Restoration

We provide whatever renovation services may be necessary to restore your building to its original condition and appearance, even making the granite and marble shine like new again. And, we will take care of all paperwork so that there will be nothing for you to worry about in the process.

Reasons to Apply for Our Services

  • We offer the best prices in Chicago and flexible payment methods on negotiable terms.
  • Our company works 6 day of the week, sunday and holidays - closed.
  • We supervise the entire work process and provide personalized services, attentive to all your particular preferences.

Call us on 847 922 33 79 for any queries or a preliminary assessment of your building by our team of experts. You can also write to us on our official webpage, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Let us realize all your construction and renovation dreams for your house or business venue.

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Our managers will advise you on all issues and offer the best solution. Construction project managers oversee all aspects of the building process, establish timetables, and determine labor and material costs.

Experienced professionals

We are experts in residential and commercial masonry and waterproofing. We are committed to providing our customers with personalized, high quality masonry services using the most advanced products and techniques.

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We carry out the entire cycle of work from project assessment and planning to construction work and construction waste removal

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Our experts will help you choose the right materials within the allocated budget and draw up a payment plan convenient for you