Stucco Cracks Repair and Stucco Renovation by Specialists

If the stucco of your house is covered with cracks, peeled off, partially collapsed, then it is necessary to make urgent house stucco repair to avoid further destruction. And the repairs must be carried out by professionals who know what technologies and materials to apply in each specific case.

The 312masonry, INC specialists have vast experience in the stucco renovation and repair of building facades, walls and ceilings. If you need a complete turnkey house facade stucco construction, we are also ready to help you.

What defects do we fix?

Climatic and weather conditions, aggressive environment, violation of the operating conditions of the building, natural disasters or poorly rendered services of stucco construction lead to the small and large defects occurrence in the stucco that requires immediate repair.

Our stucco specialists will perfectly cope with any defects and damage:

  • We will promptly eliminate bulges and irregularities on the surface of the stucco layer, leveling it as much as possible.
  • We will repair cracks in the stucco layer and repair holes in the stucco.
  • We eliminate settlement cracks caused by the solution of a large amount of lime or cement in the or its heterogeneity.
  • We will prevent stucco flaking caused by unprofessional preparation of the facade surface before plastering.
  • We will rid the facade of your building of deep cracks — they not only ruin the appearance of the building but also directly or indirectly deteriorate its operational characteristics.
  • We will repair the completely destructed and cracked stucco, which can be a result of the systematic ingress of moisture on the surface of the stucco layer. Just order stucco water damage repair from our specialists!
  • It often happens that over time, the stucco changes its original appearance, stains, cracks and spalls appear. It is enough to order stucco renovation to make the walls and ceiling as good as new.
  • We fix broken and crumbling wall corners with stucco flashing repair.
  • Stucco patching repair of any holes.
  • Stucco ceiling repair and installation.

The stucco specialists of the company 312masonry, INC offer not only high-quality repair of the stucco of the facades, walls and ceilings of houses but are also ready to eliminate the causes of defects and destruction of the stucco layer.

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