Historic Masonry Restoration by Masons

The issue of building maintenance has long been considered around the world, especially in developed countries. Although the importance of this part of the construction industry and technology is recognized by the world's reputable scientific and research circles, unfortunately, in the practical and scientific dimension, it hasn't been considered as it should be, and perhaps all buildings need maintenance after construction. Maintenance plays an important role in increasing the cost of the building during operation.

Using a management system to maintain buildings is very important because, without a proper system, maintenance work is tasteful and won't have the necessary efficiency. All of these factors require that a management system be established from the bidding stage to the execution stage in the maintenance operation. In this regard, we want to offer you our building restoration specialists that will help you to lose less money. Yet, we believe it's important to know some information about the building restoration process and the benefits it can have.

Building Restoration

Restoration is the revival of a phenomenon that has lost its dynamic equilibrium, and we want to reach a dynamic equilibrium again, which we must consider the time factor. The main task of the restorer is to maintain physical value or to maintain existential value or both. The restorer tries to keep the concepts alive by touching the damaged object.

In general, different building repairs operations can be divided into three stages:

  • Danger elimination stage of the building. Here, it can be the restoration of brick buildings or stone buildings.
  • Strengthening and protection of the building. In this case, restoration of historic buildings and restoration of old buildings are in priority.
  • Basic or comprehensive or complete restoration.

Comprehensive Restoration

In this method, measures are taken to set up, protect and repair the building, and all methods may be used. The function and restoration of the building are also important. In general, it should be noted that in order to protect the building and the building due to the forces and pressures that are applied to it from the outside, the work of strengthening the building is being reinforced.

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