Repairing and Rebuilding Brick Fireplaces

The fireplace is a centerpiece of the living room, and the entire interior decor seems designed around it. Its proper maintenance is a tricky art requiring considerable knowledge and experience, and in many ways, it depends on its design.

Our fireplace repair company provides professional and high-quality services that include:

  • Repairing cracks in the bricks and the mortar
  • Sweeping and cleaning the fire pit and the chimney
  • Assisting in creating perfect designs for the living room and backyard fireplaces
  • Restoring all sections of an old fireplace or rebuilding it entirely

Designing a Perfect Fireplace

There are several significant factors to consider when deciding on an optimal fireplace design for your premises. How comfortable it feels to be next to the fire pit and how beautiful your room looks will depend on your choice of physical parameters for its construction. They will also determine the ultimate safety of your premises and the maintenance costs required for keeping the brick structure in an immaculate condition.

The shape and size of your fireplace must agree with the overall interior design of the room where you plan to build it and meet the functional purposes you intend it to serve. Do you need a fireplace merely to decorate the room or to keep it warm too? How big is the room, and how large is your family? These are some of the factors to consider in this regard.

You must also choose appropriate building materials so that you can use the fireplace safely and avoid enormous costs for its future maintenance. Moreover, the optimal choice of fuel will depend on whether you intend to use the fire pit for cooking, the availability of a gas line, proper air-conditioning, and a functional vent, as well as your preferences and budget.

Since there are plenty of fuels and construction materials available on the market, a professional assessment of your premises becomes essential for the ultimate convenience and safety of your fireplace design.

Most Frequent Problems

Wrong physical parameters are the most common cause of the improper functioning of a fireplace. True masters of the fire pit and chimney construction are hard to find these days. Many fireplaces draw poorly, and some smoke leaks into the room, which happens because the chimney is the wrong length or there is insufficient space between the lintel and the throat.

Cracks are the second most common cause of trouble, which can sometimes become life-threatening too. First, the creosote deposited on the walls and inside the cracks can start a fire in the building. Besides, the moisture seeping through the cracks will gradually damage the entire construction and even parts of the ceiling and floor next to it.


Applying for professional services is the guaranteed way to avoid potential defects in the design and maintain the convenient and healthy operation of your fire pit. We have over twenty years of experience, hold all prescribed licenses and work 6 day of the week, sunday and holidays - closed. Call us on 847 922 33 79 and never have trouble with your fireplace in your life.

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