Types of Masonry Construction

There are different types of masonry construction, depending on the material used for the actual building blocks and the bond. On this page, we shall briefly describe the most common ones. If you need some more specific information or would like to apply for our professional evaluation of your particular case, you are welcome to contact us on our official website.



Stone is by far the most durable and weather-resistant of all the materials used in the construction industry, which explains its immense popularity. The most common types of stone used for the purpose include limestone, granite, and marble. Masons may use simple rubble or ashlar, the latter referring to a cut and finely dressed stone.

Typically, a building made of stone looks stylish and elegant and requires comparatively less maintenance. Its only two serious drawbacks are its relatively high costs and the reduction of total available space in the house.


Brick Masonry

This type of masonry involves binding bricks with a mixture of sand, cement, water, and sometimes lime. Brickwork is much cheaper than the previous type and easier to execute too. Plus, the walls built this way are significantly thinner, creating more space inside the building, and the entire construction is a lot lighter than the ones made of stone.

The drawbacks are, brickwork is much less durable due to its relatively low resilience to tension, and the required plasterwork adds to the total cost of the construction.


Stone Cladding

Also known as veneer masonry, this type of construction involves an application of a thin layer of bricks or stone to the external or internal surfaces of a building made of another material, typically concrete or wood. The veneer serves a decorative purpose and may cover the entire house or the parts specified by the customer.

It has become a popular type of house masonry since it helps to benefit from alternative construction materials while reducing the total costs and giving the house a cozy and stylish appearance at the same time.


Concrete Masonry

As its name suggests, this type of masonry uses concrete blocks as a building material. Concrete is a very cheap and highly resistant material, and for these reasons, it is an optimal and common choice for business venues and government offices. But you can use it to build a house too, decorating it with a veneer for the best effect.

Concrete is also a very versatile building material because you can find the blocks of all sorts of shapes, sizes, compositions, and internal structures to suit your particular architectural purposes. In addition, masons can use concrete bags made of decomposable fiber to enhance the structure's resistance to humidity and erosion.

Composite Construction

Alternatively, masonry work can include a combination of construction types, materials, and methods for the best implementation of the architectural plan, depending on the customer's tastes, needs, and budget. Optimal though it may be for most purposes, the appropriate choice of a combination depends on thorough and professional assessment and evaluation of all factors in each case.

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