What to Choose: Chimney Rebuilding or Repair?

Every homeowner encounters brick peeling sooner or later. When this happens, it is urgent to look for ways to solve this problem. Let's find out which way is the best and where you can order chimney repair or rebuilding.

What Is Brick Cracking And Spalling And Why Is It Bad?

With high humidity and other factors, the brick of the chimney may crack or even flake off. This affects not only the appearance of the chimney but also its performance; with poor-quality bricks, a fireplace or stove will not work correctly.

These processes completely spoil the chimney. If they are not eliminated, they can lead to such consequences as a health hazard (due to mold), the collapse of the chimney, and its destruction.


Why Are They Appearing?

There are different reasons why bricks could spall and crack:

  • The weather outside the house is always rainy, and there is a high level of moisture. If you live in cold areas where it often freezes, it can also affect your chimney.
  • Bricks and mortar are low-quality. Bricks spalling and cracking can happen much faster if you used cheap materials for your chimney.
  • The construction itself wasn't built properly. If there were any mistakes while building your chimney, there is a big chance that it will crack and spall one day.

Two Ways: Rebuilding or Repair?

There are only two solutions to get rid of the cracks. You have the option of having the old chimney repaired or rebuilt.

Chimney rebuilding

This method is rather expensive but the most effective at the same time. You can fully rebuild your chimney and create a new and perfect one. This way is also suitable if your chimney is too old because it will need completely rebuilding in the future.


Repairing your chimney is the most profitable way to get rid of cracks. First, it costs less than rebuilding, and second, it requires much less effort and resources. Instead of completely demolishing the structure, you can simply fix the weak spots without touching those areas where everything is fine.

Which Method Is the Best?

Repairing is considered the best way to fix the problem. Chimney repair prices are lower, and it is better to repair than completely demolish the chimney and build it from scratch. However, it is up to you because you should choose a method depending on your situation.

Where To Order Chimney Rebuilding or Repairing?

Each method, including rebuilding and chimney crack repair, must be carried out by professionals who know exactly how to fix the problem. Contacting for services at 312masonry, INC, we guarantee you the highest quality chimney replacement or repair, professionalism, and cheap prices for services. Our chimney experts will make their job perfect. Mason Master Schmid is the best place where you can order a chimney rebuild or repair in Chicago.