How To Do Stucco Repair By Yourself

Stucco refers to a wall coating made of grained aggregates, such as gravel, sand or crushed stone, diluted in water and drawn together with a binder. It is most commonly applied to the exterior walls of a building for structural or decorative purposes. Stucco is the best way to insulate a structure from excessive temperatures outside, protect it from external noise and give the building an elegant look.

Given proper maintenance, stucco construction can last for many decades; otherwise, it can deteriorate in quality very quickly and create numerous structural problems. Fortunately, it does not take much time or effort to repair cracked stucco in the case of minor defects, and we will now provide step-by-step instructions on how you can do stucco repair yourself with minimal investments.


Required Equipment and Materials


       Chisel               Hammer       Ladder     Putty knife      Scratch awl     Shears           Shovel
       Trowel                   Wheelbarrow        Wire brush           Latex caulk          Stucco mixture         Gloves              Protection Glasses   


Repairing Small Holes and Cracks

Follow the steps below if the hole is less than six inches in width:

1. Clean the hole with a wire brush (or an awl for really tiny holes).

2. Blow out the remaining dust.

3. Use a putty knife to fill the hole with fresh stucco and leave until it is hard enough.

4. Apply the second layer of stucco, smear it smoothly with a spatula and leave it to dry.


Repairing Large Holes and Cracks

In the case of holes wider than six inches and minor horizontal cracks, you might want to call a stucco specialist unless you know what you are doing. The biggest problem will be to make the patch blend with the wall without repainting it.


Note: if the cracks are vertical or diagonal, contacting a stucco contractor is a must, since they require extremely delicate treatment, and a preliminary investigation of the cause will be necessary too.


If you decide to treat minor damages yourself, what you need to do is:

1. Use a hammer and a chisel to remove all unwanted stucco without damaging the wood underneath.

2. Snip the metal mesh with shears and remove the underlying lath to replace them with new ones and spray the entire area with water.

3. Apply the first layer of stucco (0.25 inches thick) with a trowel, wait for it to harden a little, scratch it with an awl or a nail and leave it for a couple of days.

4. Apply the second layer (half the thickness of the first one) and leave it for two more days.

5. Use a trowel to apply and spread evenly the third, top coating, texturing it to blend smoothly with the wall, and leave it for about four days to dry before painting the area if necessary.


Final Word

You can learn more about stucco restoration and find recipes for the actual patching material on the related blogs. Otherwise, if you would like to apply for a professional stucco repair service, you are welcome to contact us at 847 922 33 79 on any day, except for Sundays and public holidays.