The Best Time To Clean Your Chimney

It is always necessary to clean the chimney, especially before the fire burning season in the fall. Cleaning will help keep the fireplace and chimney in working condition, keep the house warm during the cold season, and protect you and your family from a sudden fire.


Why Is It Important to Clean My Chimney?

Chimney gets dirty, so it needs to be cleaned. It is necessary for safety. With regular cleaning, you can prevent home burns and fires. It is better to clean your chimney once a year. You can do chimney sweeping by yourself or with the help of companies that specialize in chimney cleaning.

Homeowners who have not cleaned their chimneys in a long time may be wondering why their fireplace is not working as well as it used to. The reason is creosote. Creosote increases the chance of fire and reduces energy efficiency, requiring you to burn more wood. With age, the fireplace can gather a lot of ash and tar, components that can cause problems with health, including breathing diseases. Also, with the regular sweeping of your chimney, you can prevent costly chimney repairs, heat your home more efficiently, and keep your home safe.



What Is the Best Time to Clean My Chimney?

Most experts say it is better to clean chimneys in warm months, such as the end of April, May, June, July, and August. Here are some reasons why it is better to clean chimneys in spring and summer:

  • It is much easier to book a company that can clean your chimney. All the professional chimney sweep companies aren't busy in the springtime and summertime. Waiting lists for sweeping in the winter and fall may be months long.
  • Cleaning in spring allows us to complete a chimney inspection to be sure that the fireplace works well. Due to weather conditions, completing an inspection of the chimney in winter or fall might be difficult.
  • If you do chimney cleaning in winter, the chimney cleaners will probably leave a mess in your house. In the spring, you get no mess after your chimney sweeping is done.
  • You don't have to wait for any preparation before cleaning. In other seasons, preparation takes about six months.
  • You may get a discount from your chimney cleaning service.

Contacting a chimney cleaning service for a chimney sweep and repair in spring or summer might be cheaper and faster.


How to Choose a Professional Chimney Sweeps Company?

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